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If you are looking for an app/tool that helps you measure your speed test of the internet so that you can perform your necessary tasks and enhance your speed if it’s low? You are at the right place now. Here in this article, I will describe one of the essential and unique apps that help measure your internet speed in a very efficient way without any hurdle. Yes, it is Speedtest APK, a number one app to check your internet speed.

Let’s know more about the app to learn its use and download it without any hurdle or resistance.

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Speedtest APP A Short Description

Speedtest in an online connection app, which provides a chance to check your internet speed working fast and secure your speed test VPN without revealing your IP address, which you might think for privacy. It is one of the surprising apps that helps check the speed without any hurdle and any types of ads on its interface. Daily professionals use it, and I used it and found it more effective than expected. So, I recommend you to use it in your everyday life. It provides a chance to check your speed and saves your Internet connection’s privacy and data, which is lost if you study using other apps.

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Speedtest App- How to Download?

Speedtest app is straightforward to download. Here I will describe and enlist some crucial steps to download the app without any resistance quickly. Let’s follow these steps and check your internet speed:

  • Click on the button given below to check your internet speed named Speedtest App Download; A file will start to download at your android
  • The next to install the app just after its download is completed
  • Before the installation process, keep in mind installing apps from unknown resources from your phone settings
  • Now install the app and check your internet speed quickly and enjoy it in your daily life to check your internet speed

Note: Do not hesitate to ask anything in the comments or using our mail address if you feel any difficulty or hurdle in downloading and installing the app. Moreover, do ask for anything about its use depending upon your need.

Important Features

Here are some essential features and facts about the app, which provides the ultimate joy and happiness to know about the apps and its benefits. These are given the following:

Quick Speed Test

Some other apps and tools allow you to check internet speed, but you must keep in mind that the internet speed by the Speedtest app is often quick and fast than those apps. It’s a quick way of letting you check your internet speed, saving your energy and time. Imagine it takes just 30 seconds to check your internet speed.

Free of Cost

T’s free of cost and do not ask for any credits, which is the most exciting feature of the app. Others are free but ask for credits at any stage while using, but it’s an app with 0% credits and free of cost services.

Elegant Interface

One thing that attracts me towards the app was the app’s fast speed with an elegant interface that is beautiful and attractive. I am assuming that you will never leave without installing it for permanent use once you used it immediately or on your need.

Secure Your VPN and Internet Connection

One of the app’s astonishing things is that it does secure your internet and VPN without revealing while checking or you do not need to worry about your privacy. Many other apps try to get your IP address or your data instead of providing safe services. But you can freely use this app without any worry.

Show Real-Time Graph

Another important fact about the app is its real-time graph, which shows its consistency and concern for the users, which is impressive and attractive. This graph shows your full internet speed in detail and fabulous ways that automatically attract you to read it.

Provide Past Test

One of the new things and which is updated about the app is that it provides the detail of your past tests you checked and past reports of your internet speed in a straightforward way, which is a fantastic feature and fact of the app. In short, it is a detailed reporting of your pasts internet speed tests.

Measure 5G Speed

You will be surprised to know that it’s the only internet speed that let you know 5G internet speed, which is impossible in any other apps. Hence, it does not matter where you are. Check your internet connection in any corner or any country in the world.

Provide Detailed Analysis

As mentioned above, it is an app that provides a detailed analysis of your internet speed free of cost. It helps to know your troubleshooting on your internet, which might irritate your form a time ago. Hence, after this troubleshoot, you can check and learn how to eliminate your internet’s actual problem.

Speedtest App No Ads

Speedtest app is the only app that is free of any while checking the speed of your internet. Its primary purpose is to add easiness to your internet speed test, which is sometimes a cause of real happiness. Free of ad interface is what attracts me to use it.

A Short History of Speedtest APK

Now, are you curious about a short history of an app and want to know about developers? Good, I am here to explain this quickly and concisely. Speedtest is a service provided by Ookla and hence named Ookla Speedtest APK for Android because it is specifically made for android users. Ookla is a web test and analysis company and network of professionals introduced in 2006 in Washington, United States.

The name Ookla is given from a domain name and designed software for checking internet speed know as Speedtest and Testing Software. The passage of time designed its interface and converted it into an app that provides easy access to all android users. After that, different other companies reveal and try to introducing additional services to check internet speed, but the Speedtest app by Ookla is the best and useful app ever.

Final Verdicts

Speedtest APK is a unique, efficient, great, and fantastic app that provides a chance to check internet speed with 100% accurate results and consistency with a detailed report. It is a beautiful chance to know the actual troubleshooting of a lousy internet. Just hit the download button and enjoy it. In the end, if you feel any difficulty or if you have any suggestions, feel free to ask any time. We are always here to appreciate your queries.

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