Pokémon Go Mod APK (Fake GPS, Unlimited Coins, Joysticks) 2022

pokemon go mod apk

Do you love Pokémon Go? Explore more exciting features with Pokémon Go mod APK. This newest Pokémon Go APK is an adventurous game based on the idea of capturing and aligning the Pokémon for teaming purposes. Do you know? It comes with a lot of premium features for free.

pokemon go mod apk

That’s too impressive!

Actually, it comes with various unlocked aspects that make it the best solution for performing entertaining jobs. In addition to social-connecting ability, this APK version has fake GPS embedded in it. Now downloading is super easy around the globe and, yes, free of cost!!

Let us find what exciting features you are going to enjoy with Pokémon Go mod APK?

Mario Kart Mod APK is its alternate game

Details on Pokémon Go mod APK?

Are you going to download this APK mod version of Pokémon Go? Get a brief detail over it. With a maximum of 116 MB, the Pokémon Go mod APK is not heavy for your device. In addition, it stays fit with the Operating system of your smartphone.

So, Android 6.0 and more are referred for their download.

Do you want to know about the latest version?

Until now, v0.217.0 is the latest version of Pokémon Go mod APK. The Niantic team introduced this Pokémon Go app on December 13, 2016. Try it, and you will enjoy the fun of finding Pokémon along the way with the help of PokeBall.

How to download?

Have you zero pennies in your pocket and want to enjoy the premium features of Pokémon Go?

Don’t be sad!

We have come up with the APK version with pre-unlocked features available to use right after download. In addition, it is straightforward to download this APK version from our site.

The game lovers have got good attention to this file and getting considerable traffic in its favor. Despite this massive traffic, it is still available for download. Just follow the simple steps below and grab this APK file on your phone within seconds.

  • Uninstall an already available file downloaded from the play store.
  • Go to the Settings option, hit Security, and turn the Unknown source option on.
  • Launch out site
  • Locate the download button.
  • Hit over it.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the file gets downloaded to your system.

Have you followed the above simple steps?


You have to grab the premium game for free, including all unlocked features. Now consult the next section to find out what these downloaded files bring to you.

What benefits are you going to enjoy from this game after being downloaded?

This crack file is adorned with the following features to entertain you;

  • It is not harmful to your android device.
  • The installation is not a problem.
  • This APK game is not going to affect other applications already installed on your phone.
  • It brings all auto-update features for a nonstop playing experience.

Note: Don’t forget to install it after downloading it on your Android device.

How to install?

After downloading the file, the installation process is straightforward.

  • Launch the storage of your Android phone
  • Locate the File option.
  • Hit on App and go for the installation of APK MOD.
  • Press Done.


You are ready to enjoy all the premium features of this game free of cost.

You may also download this game using Google Play Store

MOD Features

Here lies the essential part of this article that brings APK mod features to you. We know you are excited to explore it. Let us begin to highlight those impressive features.

  • It has embedded fake GPS
  • It offers access to unlimited coins
  • You get Teleport and joystick
  • Use enhanced throw
  • Enjoy caught preview
  • It brings hack radar to the player
  • The package includes Anti Ban
  • The application is free of cost
  • We don’t guarantee its compatibility with tablets or iPhones.
  • The app needs 2GB of RAM for successful working.
  • We don’t guarantee its compatibility with the device lacking an integrated GPS.
  • You can connect socially to expand your circle and exchange Pokémon.
  • Share gifts to increase the level

What’s new?

  • Use QR code and add friends to expand your circle.
  • Upgraded technology to search for Pokémon
  • Consult the map details and find out PokeStops
  • Get notifications
  • Hide unique and newest added Pokémon from your friends
  • Get performance updates.


To enjoy the APK features of this game, get an Android phone with the version of 6.0 or more. Hit the download button from our site and install the game on your phone. So, the basic requirements include your access to our page, an internet connection, and an Android with at least 2GB or more memory.

Now, you are ready to strengthen your Pokémon team and enhance your social circle with unlimited coins.


Will this APK file harm the smartphone?

Not at all. This file is completely safe to install. Your apps and devices are not going to be affected.

Will it work for a tablet device?

We don’t guarantee its compatibility with the tablet device.

Is the file size large?

No, with the size of 116MB, this file is too light in weight.


The Pokémon Go Mod version has become a famous game globally. It has gained 800 million-plus downloads in a short time.

It comes with all the premium features for free of cost. Play it, and beautiful scenery and colors will enhance your interest. Discovering the new lands is another level of indulgence. Furthermore, different types of free Pokémon make your game fantastic.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Pokémon Go APK from our site and be a part of this imaginary world.

Wait, how would you deal with the starting interface?

For this purpose, just click the download button and check the security of your mobile. Now get ready to play. You would feel the pleasure of catching and teaming these little and exciting creatures.

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