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Playbox Tv is a service from your favorite ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) which combines OTT subscriptions into an easy-to-use content guide that is bundled with your internet plan. Get Subscription bundles from your ISP and use Playbox TV to find great content to watch.

Download Playbox TV APK – Live TV Channels

Playbox TV is a great way to get the best of online and local TV channels. Use the app to get any channel in a live or on-demand format. The service includes on-demand movies, television, sport, live TV, and radio. You can enjoy TV shows in HD and have the ability to pause, rewind and record your favorite shows. There are also a number of sports channels you can access including Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 4, and Sky Sports F1. Of course, you’ll also get the channels you need. In total, you can access more than 1,000 TV channels and thousands of films and sports events.

The app features quick and easy access to your favorite TV channels by scrolling through your phone’s gallery.

Streaming Guide


The content pack offers a large range of programming on just about every category, including action, music, documentaries, sports, sci-fi, and much more.

Search Engine

The search engine has also been designed to be simple and user-friendly and features an advanced search filter system that allows you to narrow down your search by shows, categories, networks, and channels.

The Playbox TV offers the world’s first curated movie experience, and exclusive premium content is only available to Playbox Tv users in China. It also boasts hundreds of hours of exclusive movies and TV series.

Its content library is full of hits from Hollywood and Bollywood, Chinese movies, and more. The unique selection of content offers something for everyone.

Highlights of Playbox TV

Watch Live TV: Watch Live TV on your big screen TV or TV phone from over 1000 channels. If you are not near your TV, watch on your mobile or tablet.

Watch Live TV on your big screen TV or TV phone from over 1000 channels. If you are not near your TV, watch on your mobile or tablet. Watch HD TV: Enjoy real TV as close to your eyes as possible with HD quality.

Enjoy real TV as close to your eyes as possible with HD quality. Unlimited Videos: Watch unlimited movies and TV episodes on your Android phone.

Watch unlimited movies and TV episodes on your Android phone. Stream Now: Watch shows now on your Android phone.

Watch shows now on your Android phone. Social: Join the Playbox TV community and share your favourite shows with friends.

All streaming apps

Watch as many as you want! Catch up on all your favourite TV shows with your favourite streaming app.

Popular Video Services

Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC, Showtime, STARZ, Showtime GO, WatchESPN, Popcornflix, Popcornflix Plus, WatchFree Movies, HBO GO, HD On Demand and many more from your ISP bundled in one easy to use app.

“Open” Apps

All the OTT apps from your ISP are available to watch on the Roku menu. Get all the apps that you want to watch now and watch as many as you want! Popcornflix app is only $1.99 per month! Popcornflix Plus is $7.

Key Features of The Apk

◘ User friendly interface which saves your data and time

◘ Instant access to browse hundreds of live TV shows and movies on demand

◘ Watch shows with an HD quality with the most popular latest shows

◘ Watch sports on real time with the international games

◘ Watch movies with HD quality

◘ Watch TV shows with more than 800 HD channels with the latest TV shows.

◘ You can watch news on latest updates about your favourite movies and sports.

◘ Save bandwidth by watching less at a time.

◘ Anytime access to a database of hundreds of movies, TV shows, news and music.

◘ Sports Guide which includes live streaming of many sports channels.

◘ Ad free browsing experience.

◘ Get an HD quality movie or TV show instantly.

Latest Version

Playbox Tv v.1.3.4.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk.

Why We Invested In Playbox TV. Playbox TV can be considered one of the best Apps to watch videos online with our channel. It has got a good collection of shows. You can easily find the shows you like and watch them anytime anywhere. It also offers several ways to discover great stuff to watch. We have got a well of content to offer. So to find more great stuff to watch, you can use search boxes and search functionality. If you are an Anime fan you can watch Anime from our selection. Some of the channels like Sankaku Complex and Animerica are popular in this area. All these channels feature great content which you can enjoy online.

Easy Browser Login Experience.

Our free Proxy works to help you watch videos on websites or other videos while you are using public Wi-Fi.


To put an end to endless repetitive searches and endless days searching, looking for the exact movies and TV shows to stream, Playbox TV is a great addition to your internet package. If you have a good broadband connection with sufficient speed, you will be able to stream thousands of movies and TV shows, including movies, from Netflix, BBC, ITV, BBC First, Sky Movies, and lots more. There is no need to pay for multiple subscription services.

It is very easy to download the app and start enjoying your favorite programs.


Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Playbox TV was launched in March 2016 by Jump Start Ltd, an NZ-based company.