Kick the Buddy Mod APK 1.0.6 | Unlimited Money, Gold, & Weapons

Kick the Buddy Mod APK 1.0.6 | Unlimited Money, Gold, & Weapons

Kick the Buddy Mod Overview

The buddy kick is one of a kind of game in which you can relive all your stress and anger in the virtual world. Now there is no need to anger your best friend or family members because you can perform all these activities in a world. This game provides you a place in which you can destroy, smash, shoot and freeze. In the kick the buddy APK, no one can stop losing your anger, enter this beautiful world and get rid of your anger and stress.

There is no need to break all your expensive things because now you can do it in the virtual world. In this game, there are rifles, grenades, and most importantly, a dangerous nuclear bomb. If you want to get relief from stress, then this is the perfect game for you.

In this article, we shall discuss the features and the gameplay of the kick the buddy new version, and we also provide you the basic requirements for downloading the kick the buddy mod APK.

Kick the Buddy Mod APK Downlaod

  • To download the kick the buddy on your android, click the gives below button as Kick the buddy download free for android
  • Go to your downloads section and install the game 
  • After installation, open the game until it starts to play
  • Enjoy the game 

Kick the Buddy Game Play

The buddy-free version is the perfect game for those looking to take out their stress and anger. But instead of taking out your anger on someone or smashing precious things use your creativity without any barrier. No one can stop you from using the fantastic rifles, hand grenades, and the most dangerous nuclear bomb. If you are angry with your boss or tired after your work, do not worry; the game kicks the buddy provides you relax and smooth your brain. Here in the kick the buddy game, you can smash, destroy and freeze anything to get rid of your stress and anger, and there are no limitations; you perform any action as you wish.

Kick the Buddy Mod Features


The kick the buddy just not provides you relief from stress and anger, but you can also enjoy its fantastic and eye-catching graphics, which provide relaxation. The gamer can make good use of the concepts of physics to smash or break things.

Interesting Game Story

The game does not let you be bored any time because there are many categories and elements you can use to create more combinations. The game provides complete freedom to perform the actions as you want to reduce your stress.


The best thing about this game is its music; it just not take you out from stress but also provides you a piece of exciting and heart-touching music. Music is also a thing that gives pleasure and a reason to get rid of anger and stress.

Play with Your Friends

The thing that makes us happy is our friends, and we can say that no one can beat the fun that we do with our friends. The kick the buddy allows you to add with your friends to double the fun by smashing things together.

Final Verdicts

Kick the buddy game is an excellent idea to get rid of boring routines. The graphics and the music of this game are exciting and unique, and you can enjoy these things a lot while playing the game. If you are bored and want to leave your anger by breaking things, this is the best game. So come and enter this beautiful virtual world and enjoy the pleasure.

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