GTA 5 APK + OBB Data Download for Android [100% Working] 2022


GTA V APK is a unique, fabulous, and action-changer game. It is a rock star game where you can see the largest world in detail using three men’s actions as a trio. GTA V, with its ultimate features, provides fun, adventure, and joy in the action world.


Is it right that you want to get rid of your boring routines and are curious about coming up with some relaxation because of busy practices? Good, it is possible and easy because you are in the right place now. Many of you are concealing yourself because of tiredness and fear of wasting your time. Am I right again?

So, do not worry, we have brought the best idea to all of you, playing an exciting game. Yes. It is GTA V APK, which is Grand Theft Games, a rock star studio game that arrived in 2013. It is no surprise to play the game to get leisure, joy, and a happy mood sometimes, but to play GTA V is surprising and exciting to play. The reason is the fantastic graphics and features of the game.

The game is available to all PCs, iOS apps, desktops, since 2013, but you must be happy to know that you can easily download GTA V APK for android. This article is about downloading GTA V for free, GTA V for android, and GTA V free download link and file.

GTA V APK Download and Install

Download and install GTA V APK is not a harsh or critical job now as it is available to all versions of android and PCs. It’s an easy job to download GTA V. However; you need to keep the following points in your mind:

  • Download GTA V APK by clicking on the button given below. If you want to download the file from your PC and install it on mobile, you can connect the PC to a mobile device

Download GTA V APK

  • Now open installed files that you just did and an option showing allows your setting to install from unknown sources will pop up; click yes and continue
  • After you have successfully installed the game, please open it and wait until it allows starting play
  • Enjoy the game and its beautiful features with your device

Download GTA 5 for Android Free Versions

Is GTA V available free for android? Most people face the most significant confusion about the game and are curious if it’s available free for android. The answer is yes; it is open to all android devices now. People get confused because several channels provide free APK but charge some credits.

To download GTA 5 is available free for all android devices to download and install. Just after its design, the game was available to PlayStations 3, Xbox 360, and high tools. After a time, it was upgraded and accessed to some devices, but with time passing limits, its creator starts to modify its features, and they made this available to all devices for free in view of people’s needs. It has premium and cracks versions to use, but this GTA V is the best epics game. Based on working on mobile, it is named as GTA 5 mobile.

GTA V Download for Android

GTA V is available for android as a free version. It is one of those engaging, attentive, and eye-catching games that provide a lot of entertainment and a chance to explore the car Loa Santos and three characters. No matter where you are playing matches, always welcome several players every day. There are the following steps to download and install a game on android:

  1. Click the button GTA V download free for Android and install the game
  2. After that, allow apps to install from unknown resources
  3. Just wait for 2-3 minutes to download and install it
  4. The game will download your information with the OBB record as GTA V APK OBB     
  5. Have you downloaded the game? Good, enjoy its features now


GTA V is available easily to all iOS, which is an excellent chance for those who do not use android or desktops. However, the GTA V iOS version has some extra functionality because of its stunning features. Here you can easily play the game and change the real adventure of play. It’s not only limited to some cities, but you can download and have extra features as per your choice.

GTA V APK Features

Although you know well about GTA V and its characteristics still there is a need to know some essential features of the app given the following:

  • It is a game providing full control of players on the game without any hurdle. You can play the game as a single or play it with two partners according to your selected character
  • The game is a real representation of the story in high graphics and high design with the real-world of three robes
  • As long as you play the game, it becomes more and more interesting with increasing stage. It looks more interesting with time
  • GTA V is a game with unique and fantastic vehicle control features. It is a game which is designed with several components in real and virtual life of three bank robber
  • It is enjoyable for any desktop computer or any android devices

GTA Series

GTA V is not a single version but has its series, which are given as:

  • GTA 3
  • GTA Chinatown Wars
  • GTA- Liberty City Stories
  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas

GTA V, A Complete Story

GTA V is one of the Rockstar games’ beautiful and exciting games, catching and attentive to play because of its unique graphic design and attractive interface. GTA 5 is not only a game, but it has a complete story in it. It is about bank robbers in the US and California.

The real based story started in 2004, which is about some bank robbers. In South California, the information is about single players and three bank robbers, including Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. There is a third part player who needs to fight with these. The bank robbers are three different criminals, and they choose their chance for survival and success.

Alternate Game: Legacy of Discord Mod APK

Let’s know about three criminals firstly. Are you ready?

  • Franklin is a gangster and is in search of making money
  • Micheal is a professional and retied man who is curious to make money
  • Trevor is waiting for a big chance to get money; he is spending his time in mathematics and distribution of hunting

These three-man try to open the security of a rob company with a driver. The driver was killed there when escape by police. The three criminals then escape run away. Franklin believed that Michael is dead. But he is living a happy life with his family and wife.

The story does not stop here, but it is exciting ahead.

Story’s Mission

The primary mission of the story is to get and search for a rich lifestyle. Three main characters mix up their ideas and take action. Each of these three players and a strong believes and sometimes tries to switch the story in confusion.

Rock star chooses these three players wisely and makes some GTA IV innovations depending upon some biggest action takers. If you are a gamer and are playing the game, you need to play with these three players given above. It is a way to focus your mind on the game and on things you need. 

It is a fast and smart way to get enjoys the three players and bank robbers with their driver who killed. The game has many changes after its arrival. When you are in step to download the game, there will be a diversity of vehicles. Stealing cars in-game is a critical activity; after that, stealing helicopters and planes become more acute.

GTA V is one of those exciting games which is entertaining as well. It is a chance to play and to know the fate of those three men. It includes different stages, i.e., shooting, stealing cars, hijacking planes, and at the end, seeing the fat of three robbers.  

What’s Different in the Game?

Many are asking why you should play the game, although there are many other games to play. You are requesting right, and your answer is hidden in this section. GTA 5 APK is available with several high graphic features, high designing, and above all, with a lofty mission. It is far from joist playing a game and boosts your energy level.

Final Verdicts

Above is a short detail about GTA V APK, how to install and download it. If you are in search of an APK game and want to download it, go to the above download button and enjoy its unique features. We recommend you to play the game if you are looking for an adventure and turn in your life. Although there are millions of fun, it is a game of action.

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