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Gacha Star Apk 2022 is a new and improved version of the popular “Gacha Star” This app offers a wide variety of new features and options, so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. From easy-to-use gameplay to powerful boosters, Gacha Star Apk 2022 has it all!

About Gacha Star Apk

This game will support a new idea for installing apps for android gamers. The new module of Gacha Star Apk will be activated by the special app developed by the developers. Therefore, they are integrating their update in the latest apk that is not available for download before. If you download Gacha Star Apk and play it then you will see the different types of content for players including animated features.

Gacha Star Apk Compatibility

In Gacha Star Apk game, you will find multiple special methods like tapping on character like Sonic, Mega Man, Darkwing Duck, Morph, Roddy, Megaman, Link, Luffy, Necro, Fox, Goku, Edward, Red, Angel, Dark Tux, Mario, Q, and Peach, etc. The company has also released this special app of the 2D games in Google Play Store.

What is Gacha Star Apk

Gacha is a 2D game for Android in which the players can participate by obtaining assorted from the miniature. Every level of mini-games is presented as game events for users. Players can choose the computer-generated based on their perspective to winning the game.

Why Gacha Star Apk

In addition to the game based on mini-games, it is also free to play. On daily basis the game event includes new freebies which include playing cards, crystals, and followers to user.

It is also free to play, with the highest earning difficulty mode. The main prize of this game is carrying some platform useful items which are attracted by viewers by winning this game. The online gambling facility is also present in the game.

Gacha mod

To experience the game properly, the gamers should also install apk for Gacha. All the Apk files will be posted below. They are different depending on Gacha version of Android.

To enjoy the new version of Gacha Gameplay, users have to install one of this Gacha apk file.

Gacha Star Apk Download for Android Version 4.0.0

What’s New in Gacha Star Apk Version 4.0.0?

Download Gacha Star Apk 4.0.0 for Android mobile and perform the required steps to activate its functionalities.

Additionally, use the wallpaper of your liking.

In this release, we only support one app version which is 4.0.0.

Before installing the new version of Gacha, please note to properly backup the game file on your device.

Lets install Gacha Star Apk

Step 1: Download Gacha Star Apk Version 4.0.


Gacha Star Apk uses HTML5 for its backend. Due to this reason, it will not slow down the game. Also, the game itself takes less than 15 MB of space on your Android device. The game interface has lots of styles, symbols, and other levels.


Gacha Star for Android uses 7 languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Russian and Ukrainian.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1.

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Gacha Star Apk Features

The latest edition of this game is not free but it is clear a commercial-free. It is working from the Google Playstore. To gain access to the 2D Gacha Star Apk you have to set it as a system app. The interesting thing is that there are a different variants of this version of the game.

To unlock the game, the players will need to pay a fee of $1.67. There are also daily, monthly, and annual subscription available. According to the top-of-the-line version of Gacha Star Apk players will have to pay for each feature.

At the same time, there is a range of you can also get this game to enjoy its advanced features for free. For example, the first install the game you will have to pay $1.00.

How to download the best 2D gacha game

How to download the Gacha Star Apk?

Visit the official website of Gacha Game

Download the Apk file of Gacha Star game

Open the Gacha game, turn on the device and turn off the screen.

Once the screen turns on, then download the game icon of Gacha to start playing.

You can tap and hold the icon for few seconds and install it in your phone.

It is essential that before installing any application on your Android phone, check the permissions.

Those steps are totally needed before continuing to download. Otherwise, you will not be able to download this new version.

Which Gamemode do you prefer?

We are sure that there are a lot of Android gamers who are always eager to play Gacha game with a lot of coins. However, the developers have adopted quite a different strategy this time.

They have changed the 2D Gameplay of Gacha.

How To Install Gacha Star Apk?

Below are the helpful guide of installing this latest 2D game.

Download Gacha Star Apk here: [Gacha Star Apk Download Link]

Follow the below process to download and install Gacha Star APK.

Download the latest Gacha Star APK from official website: [Gacha Star Apk Download Link]

Double Click on Gacha Star apk to download and install it in the apk manager of your android smartphone.

Start the installation process by tapping on Install button and let it finish the installation on your phone.

How To Play Gacha Star Apk?

The below video will help you to understand how to play Gacha Star Apk:

With the simple concept, the game requires you to enjoy Gacha on daily basis. You can buy the character to use in your dream screen. Just make the buying character to use in your dream screen.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

This popular Gacha Star android apk includes the latest game features and has very minimal capabilities. So we can say it is safe to install it. You should do the following prior to install the Gacha Star apk on android mobile device.

Open the official Google play store on your android phone.

Tap on Gacha Star apk

Download The App.

Verify and Install the Apk

After installing the apk you can start downloading and playing Gacha Star games. For this purpose, open the store again and find the game you want to download.

You will get the game files in different format like apk for Android platform or PUBG Store for iOS platform.

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We would like to mention here that this game is for Android mobile device.


Most of all Gacha Star gamers will wait for this online game. It is simple and easy to play. To discover more, players should visit official website.

Features Of Gacha Star Apk

• Fun and interesting 2D platform gaming

• Easy access to Gacha Star 2D mobile game

• Choose the character to play

• Upload online to find the character you want

• Easy playing via browser

• Tips to enjoy

• Customized characters

• Live scoring

• Invite Friends to play

Enjoy more Gacha mobile game fun with your smartphone. Give more power to the feature and download the game right now on your Android device. Don’t be the left out from the game again!

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