How to Install Game APK having an OBB File 2021

Hey All! Welcome to the platform APK Sharp which is handled by a team of professionals. Down in this post, we provided complete information about how to install game APK having an OBB file? But before going into the exact data and knowledge, the first thing to keep in mind is an APK, Mod APK, or an OBB file.

Let’s firstly understand basic terms before going into deep knowledge.

What is an APK?

APK is an Android Package Application is a file that is used by the operating system of mobile to install and run all applications, including mods and premiums. It is needed to install your favorite game or an app related to study, health, business, or any other system. On the other hand, all of you know are well aware of the play store system, but what if an app is not available in the play store, especially those modified. Moreover, installing an app using an APK file makes you free of any copyright issues or any other issues related to paid apps in most cases.

What is Mod APK?

Mod APK, also named Modded APK, is a modified version of an original app that is easy to install and use. It happens in most cases when you want to use a paid app free of cost. Modified APKs have the edge over original APKs in the meanings of all unlocked features and spent features freely.

What is an OBB file?

OBB file is an additional data file that sometimes works and sometimes does not work at all. The primary purpose is to make it easy to download and install an APK file making it short when your android or PC device is not up to the version or requirement of an app. The file helps to download all other files which are unable to install on the play store. On the other hand, many people do not have access to the play store app, which is an irritant situation.

Most of the time, you even face that the game and other apps need an extra file. This additional file is an OBB file essential to make it easy to download advance and most enormous MBs files.

If we talk about mod APKs, most modified apps need an extra OBB file to install. Many people face this trouble, and they do not bother further to download and use an app. This post is strictly for you if you are facing the same situation. So, if you are a similar user, I have discussed and described the attractive solution for you: installing an APK file having an extra OBB file, which is a pretty straightforward process.

Let’s learn how to extract an OBB file using an APK file. Some requirements and steps are given in the following sections.


  • An android device that runs smoothly with 4.0 version or above
  • Latest download link of an android OBB file
  • Download link of that latest version should be accessed to the OBB file A strong network connection.
  • Space on Your CD card to download this OBB file
  • ES file explorer also named as OBB file installer

Process of Installing an OBB File

Here is a process of installing an OBB file which is easy and personally applied by our team. Let’s discuss all steps one by one about OBB file install.

1. Allow installing apps from Unknown Resources.

The first step is to allow installing apps from unknown resources. Follow these steps to apply this:

  • Go to the setting of your android device
  • Go to a privacy setting
  • Allow apps to install from unknown resources

2. Download APK File

  • Go to the APK Sharp and click on the app you want to install
  • A download button will be opened against each of the apps
  • Click the download button and download the specific file
  • Now click on the file folders of your android and open the recently downloaded file
  • Click on the install button

Note: Do not open the app after you have completed the installation step

3. Download and Use OBB File

  • Download an OBB file you recently opened and downloaded, Unzip it
  • Now open the installed app tab which you closed recently
  • Open the app and enjoy this without any hurdle

Note: If you face any problem during all procedures, comment below and attach the Screen Shot of your trouble. We will see here to help you every time.

How to Extract an OBB file?

Most people get into trouble and cannot download, use, or extract an OBB file independently. Do not worry, here is a complete guide on this topic also. Follow the following steps and see the solution to your problem.

  • ES file explorer is a basic need before moving to any further step, install this app and in case if you do not have it, go to the link and install the app
  • Download your favorite APK or Mod APK and OBB file of the relevant APK after ES successful installation of an ES explorer file and do not open the file
  • Open EX file explorer and search for the app you’re installed recently
  • Do not open APK or Mod APK but open the relevant OBB file
  • Now, after open of the file, ES explorer will ask about to unzip the file, open that option
  • Now an option with the name of the extracted app will open, click here and your file will be extracted
  • After that, it will ask about the location you want to remove a file, open that file and click on the OK button after all steps are accomplished

This is where to put OBB file after installing all files of your requirements and how to install OBB files successfully.

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Final Verdicts

Above is a complete guide on how you can download an app with an OBB file. All steps and guides about how to install game APK having an OBB file are mentioned straightforward. You can also extract the file if any of the steps are not working for you. All the steps and guide given above is pretty reasonable and authentic. ES file explorer option is excellent and fabulous to use for every one of us. It works as an OBB file downloader. Follow all and enjoy your favorite apps and games. We hope that now you understand how to install APK with OBB. For any questions, comment below.