How to Add, Remove, and Edit a Label in Your Gmail Account

How to Add Remove and Edit a Gmail Label is a frequently asked question. Let’s discuss it in detail. Your emails can be stored in labels. Emails can be labeled however many times you want.

A label is different from a folder. You will be deleting every label that it’s attached to, plus your entire inbox when you delete a message. Labels in Gmail are the online version of folders in standalone email programs. While the emails aren’t stored individually, the labels provide the option of sorting them. Despite labels’ usefulness in organizing emails, at times, they are a hassle. On the Gmail page or through your Gmail settings, you can quickly get rid of them.

How to Create a Label?

Steps to add a label to your Gmail account are given as follows:

  • Access Gmail from your computer
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click More
  • Then, click the New label
  • Choose a label name
  • Click on Create

You Can Show or Hide Labels

If you want your labels to appear in the menu to the left of your inbox, you can choose whether or not they should.

  • Access Gmail from your computer
  • You can access all settings by clicking Settings at the top right, all set
  • “Labels” will appear once you click the tab
  • Change the text as necessary

Hundreds of Labels Available To View

As many as 500 labels can be viewed on the left side of the page. There can be labels within labels.  It is possible that a list with over 500 labels may not be loaded immediately.  The labels you see depend on whether you are in conversation view or not.

  • When the conversation view is off, labels are only shown on individual messages you labeled. Those replies will not have the title on them
  • A conversation label will only appear on messages already in the conversation if the communication view is on

Google Mail Labels: Edit and Delete

Google labels are its version of folders. Labels do the same thing as folders, but you can apply multiple labels to a single message. You can edit a label’s name and color after you create it. Additionally, you can delete any label that you make.

Change the name and location of a label

  • Hover your mouse over the title you want to edit and click the drop-down arrow in Google Mail’s left sidebar
  • You should now see the “Edit label” window after selecting the “Edit” option from the drop-down menu
  • Fill out the “Label name:” field with the new name
  • If you want the sublabel to be a sublabel, select the “Nest label under:” box and choose the label you want it to be a part of

Change A Label’s Color

  • Select the label you wish to edit and click the drop-down arrow in Google Mail’s left sidebar
  • You should see a color palette appear when you choose “Label color.”
  • To apply a color to a label, select one from the color palette. “Add custom color” allows you to change the text color of titles

Delete the Label

  • Hover your mouse over the title you want to edit and click the drop-down arrow in Google Mail’s left sidebar.
  • Click on the drop-down menu for “Remove label”
  • Then click on delete

 Add a Label to a Message You’re Reading.

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app

  • Open a message
  • In the top right, tap More
  • Tap Change labels
  • Add or remove tags
  • Tap on the okay button now

Our Summary

Gmail label is an exciting and essential way to enhance your Gmail setting options to save your Gmail from multiple options. The man aims to get a label for specific mail or person so that you can quickly remind yourself about your overall work. If you have any questions for further, feel free to ask us any time. We are here every time to assist you. For more information read our latest blogs here.

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